Friday, May 12, 2017

And the next American Idol is...on NBC

American idol is returning to television next summer, but it will find a new tv family through NBC instead of Fox. Now, producers and creators are trying to repeat history by bringing by original host, Ryan Seacrest who, most people will know, took a full time gig as co host next to Kelly Ripa on the morning talk show "Live with Kelly and Ryan". It sounds like he is more than likely out of the question. Producers obviously tread on dangerous territory when they asked Simon Cowell to return as a judge. That man shot it down faster than they could ask.
Now, the question stands like this: Who would be a good host to take over American Idol duties and who would be great judges to find Americas next singing idol?
My picks
Host: Daniel Tosh
Judges: Bruno Mars
Jennifer Hudson
Michael Buble
What are your thoughts or what are your picks?

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